Avatar Builder Review Front-End + OTO Upsells

avatar builder reviews

Avatar Builder is a software by Paul Ponna and Sid Diwar, a software that you can use to make promotional videos with 3D avatar builder, you can convert text into an animated video in just a few minutes. With this software, you can increase the viewer of your promotional videos. Using 3D avatars is one of the best ways to grab the attention of website visitors or video viewers. Avatar Builder is the best tool right now that you can use to create a 3D avatar spokesperson very quickly and easily.

Not only that, what makes this software great is that you can create animated videos complete with 3D characters with AI technology, you can convert text into videos with the help of Artificial intelligence. This software is completely unique, and what I know of is the only software available. Below are the full features.

avatar builder reviews

Avatar Builder Review

The features:

  • Create multi-purpose videos with customizable talking 3D animated characters
  • Create videos with Artificial Intelligent technology, help you convert text into video
  • Thousands of done-for-you animated video templates
  • Built-in text-to-speech features
  • Create a voice over in all languages and accents
  • Logo mapping feature
  • Dynamic scene transitions
  • Dynamic video background
  • Unlimited design possibilities
  • Create custom videos from scratch
  • 100% accurate speech-to-text transcription
  • Turn any text into multilingual videos
  • Built-in millions of copyright-free images
  • Built-in millions of copyright-free videos
  • Built-in millions of copyright-free music assets
  • Easy to add watermark
  • Unlimited video rendering
  • Export to 720 HD videos
  • Free commercial license

The benefits:

So what benefits can you get when using this software? With this software, you can increase the attention of visitors using animated 3D characters. Not only that, but you can also save hundreds of dollars for videos with 3D characters, as we all know, videos with 3D characters are very expensive, you need hundreds of dollars to inspire other people to make them. But with AvatarBuilder, you can make any video with a spokesperson, 3D avatar character.

You can also customize these 3D characters to suit your business needs, besides saving money, you also have the opportunity to make money online, by selling videos that you make with Avatar Builder because you will get a commercial license.

How does it work?

You can make a video presentation using a template or create one from scratch. For more details, please watch the demo video below:


Example Video #1: Background Mockup Showcase (Web Design Agency)

Example Video #2: Desktop Mockup Showcase (Digital Marketing)

Example Video #3: Text-to-Video Showcase (Benefits of Exercise)

Pros and Cons

Based on my experience using this software, here is my personal opinion about the advantages and disadvantages of this software


  • Easy to use
  • High-quality videos
  • Done-for-you templates
  • HD video output
  • Easy to customize characters


  • High-quality voice-over only on upsells
  • Export to 1080p video available only on upsells

AvatarBuilder OTO

More benefits available on OTO Upsells, below the details

Avatar Builder Front-End

All features and benefits listed above, click here to learn more

Avatar Builder OTO 1

  • One month new 3D avatars for 1 year (no monthly fees)
  • Premium stock images
  • Premium stock videos
  • Premium text effects
  • Premium animations and fonts
  • Premium slide and transitions
  • Get access to 200 premium music files library
  • VIP support
  • Premium rendering with Amazon Cloud Server
  • Priority rendering
  • Priority access to a future update

Avatar Builder OTO 2

  • Render up to 12 mins video
  • 1080p video quality
  • High quality natural and human voice over
  • Being able to save your custom avatar
  • Agency promotion material
  • Done-for-you client contracts
  • Add up to 5 virtual workers account
  • 150,000 video scripts and articles
  • Full training on how to sell videos

Avatar Builder OTO 3

  • Brand new video templates for 1 year without monthly fees
  • Instant access to 500+ new templates

Avatar Builder OTO 4

  • Get access to 100+ premium male and female TTS
  • Instant access to 400 human voice-overs on hottest niches


If you need complete video creation software with a 3D spokesperson avatar, AvatarBuilder is the right software for you. Hopefully, this review was helpful, click the button below for more information

Storey Review & OTO – Transform Your Existing Reviews Into The Most Powerful Social Proof

storey oto review

Storey Review & OTO – Transform Your Existing Reviews Into The Most Powerful Social Proof – You know reviews are the single most important conversion factor for any product Everybody is looking at reviews these days before deciding whether or not to buy The issue is, HOW and WHERE we put our reviews is actually causing you to lose sales. Think about it.  Testimonials/Reviews are also presented in bland, out-dated, and text-only boxes Not only that they are displayed FAR AWAY from your purchase button (so your visitor has to scroll up and down to access and buy your product/service)

It doesn’t make any sense!

Now, imagine tourists watching your best testimonials/reviews as extremely entertaining video stories right before checking out You don’t even have to scroll down. Instead, a very familiar “story” widget is right below your ‘Buy Now’ button, so they can check out directly after viewing

storey oto review

Storey OTO

Front End – Personal – $27 / Commercial – $47. Click here to learn more

  • Sell To Businesses
  • Customizable Story Designer
  • 3 Gorgeous Designs
  • Customizable MeetStorey Widget
  • Install on 5 Separate Websites
  • Up to 25 Active Stories

Storey OTO 1 – Professional – $67. Click here to learn more

  • Collect ‘Customer’ Stories Automatically
  • Forms & Buy Now Buttons Inside Your Stories
  • Customized Overlays & Eye Catching Backgrounds
  • Full Analytics Tracking System
  • Download & Share Stories
  • Full GDPR Compliance
  • Future Updates & Upgrades
  • VIP Support
  • Commercial Rights

Storey OTO 2 – Unlimited – $297/year | $497 One Time. Click here to learn more

  • 3 Brand New ‘Video Stories’ Templates
  • Unlimited Websites
  • Unlimited Video Hosting
  • Unlimited Review Stories
  • Unlimited Downloads
  • Unlimited Future Updates & Upgrades
  • Commercial Rights (Use With Your Clients)
  • Facebook ‘Founder’ Group Access

Storey OTO 3 – Agency – $47. Click here to learn more

  • Client Management Dashboard
  • Client Folders & Accounts
  • Sub-User Accounts
  • Client Attraction Sales Funnel
  • MeetStorey Agency Suite
  • Agency Training System (For Scaling)
  • MeetStorey ‘Done For You’ Ads

Storey OTO 4 – iGloo App Funnel Builder – $127. Click here to learn more

  • Funnel Builder
  • 100+ Funnel Templates
  • Drag and drop editor
  • Commercial Rights

Storey Review – What are Benefits?

Storey allows you to use the most engaging medium right now to increase sales stories! Using Storey, you can transform boring ‘text-only’ testimonials into engaging (fully customizable) video stories. Place a widget (that looks just like the one at the top of Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, WhatsApp, and more) anywhere on your website (such as below your ‘buy now’ button).

When a visitor clicks the widget; authentic, powerful social proof stories will begin playing – urging the visitor to purchase.

You know reviews are the single most impactful conversion factor for any product. Everyone these days looks at reviews before deciding whether or not to buy. Stop making your visitors scroll away from your buy button to read your ‘text-only’ reviews, and keep them engaged right below your buy now button so they can checkout immediately after viewing.

Use your new social proof widget for your own business, or sell them to clients and keep 100% of the profits (no licensing or royalties).

storey oto benefits 1

storey oto benefits 2

storey oto benefits 3

storey oto benefits 4

But there’s more. Every time you get a new review it’s the same process:

  • Hire a designer to make it look nice.
  • Pay a developer to add it to your website without breaking your code.
  • Make sure it looks good on all devices.

This is costing your time & money! With Storey, each time you get a new review you can simply log in, copy and paste it in and it’ll make it into a high-converting video story for you (and it will automatically be published to your widget). This means you save so much time and money! Right now you can get access to Storey with FULL commercial rights (ONLY during this special launch) without upgrading.

How does it Work?


Step 1:

  • Turn Customer Testimonials to Credible Video Stories
  • Using past testimonials from your customers to create entertaining videos that tell the story of your customers.

Step 2:

  • Add your store widget to your website
  • Embed eye-catching testimonials to your website with ease of paste copying.

Step 3:

  • Then just watch your conversions increase
  • These social elements improve conversions, encourage positive feedback from your consumers about your
  • goods and help persuade your visitors to purchase.

Should I buy it?

Using Storey, you can transform boring ‘text-only’ testimonials into engaging (fully customizable) video stories. Place a widget (that looks just like the one at the top of Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, WhatsApp, and more) anywhere on your website (such as below your ‘buy now’ button).

When a visitor clicks the widget; authentic, powerful social proof stories will begin playing – urging the visitor to purchase. You know reviews are the single most impactful conversion factor for any product. Everyone these days looks at reviews before deciding whether or not to buy.

Stop making your visitors scroll away from your buy button to read your ‘text-only’ reviews, and keep them engaged right below your buy now button so they can checkout immediately after viewing. Use your new social proof widget for your own business, or sell them to clients with the included commercial rights.

Storey Pricing

Price Increases:
25th November 11 am EST:
Price increase at 4 pm EST.
First coupon: $10 OFF Coupon: storey10 ($10 OFF)
$10 OFF Coupon Expires at 11:59 pm EST.
26th November 11:59 pm EST:
Coupon expires and new coupon introduced: storey8 ($8 OFF)
28th November 11:59 pm EST:
Coupon Expires and new coupon introduced: storey5 ($5 OFF)
29th November 11:59 pm EST
The launch ends and the coupon expires.
We will be continually updating the software with new features, improvements and making it more intuitive.

Who is Storey For?

Internet Marketing
Install Storey on your landing pages, sales pages, enclosures, or websites. Boost conversions right away, create faith with your guests and sell more goods.

Sellers in eCommerce
Show customer experience with your existing eCommerce products. Box openings, Instagram stories, and even your current product ‘letter’ reviews can be found here. Add it below the ‘Add to Cart’ tab, it’s that simple.

Local company
Install a store widget on local event websites, doctors, chiropractors, and more. Present local business customer interactions in a new interactive way to generate more sales. Yeah, you can sell Storey as a service to local businesses! And anyone with a website and a product

storey oto review commercial


Funneleo Review & OTO – eCom Lead Capture Funnels For Shopify, Amazon and Etsy

funneleo oto review

Funneleo Review – What is Funneleo? If you’ve had your ear to the ground this week, then you’ve heard a lot about Funneleo. This is a software platform that makes it easier than ever for you to build lists, deliver coupons, and close more sales on Shopify, Etsy, and Amazon! There’s nothing like this software on the market. Nothing. It’s the first platform in the world to make it easy to capture leads and customer info through your eCommerce store. And it’s your ticket to skyrocketing your profits!

But we’ve heard from a few people who are wondering… is this software easy to use? (It is.) Look, I get it. A lot of software on the market is supposed to make things “easy” – but it ends up being a nightmare for people who aren’t very technical. You can easily spend days trying to figure it all out. Sometimes you just give up.

And so when you see a new software like this hit the market, you’re left wondering if you need a degree in rocket science just to get it up and running. Let me ease your mind. One of the things I like the best about this funnel-building software is that it’s super-easy to use. Funneleo is a cloud-based app, which means there’s nothing to download and nothing to install. All you have to do is log into the platform, and you can start creating your first campaign instantly. It’s point-and-click easy. Here’s what you do:

  • Sync your autoresponder to the system (you’ll find simple instructions listed on the site).
  • Choose a template – no coding or designing required!
  • Decide whether to offer coupons or bonuses to your visitors in exchange for email addresses.
  • Then Funneleo takes over and does everything else.

Finally, here’s a piece of software that makes your life easier rather than harder! And best of all, this is the software that’s going to take your eCommerce store out of the money-losing red zone and into the black.

funneleo oto review

Funneleo OTO + PRO Upgrade

Funneleo Unlimited and Starter Offers Front End. Click here to learn more

First, to market cloud-based software lets, you capture emails from visitors to your Shopify, Amazon, or Etsy store as well as your customers, turning them into regular buyers! Works for complete beginners, even if they’ve NEVER done anything in eCom before.

The unlimited license will give them the ability to create unlimited funnels PLUS use their own custom domain names for more high converting results. $37.00 on the launch, with price increasing

Funneleo OTO 1 – Funneleo Viral ($37). Click here to learn more

Get even more response, by not ONLY allowing people to be rewarded by becoming a subscriber but also giving them extra incentives by inviting their friends. Viral campaign persuades existing subscribers to promote your campaign in order to bring in more subscribers and sales by sending out automated sequences that inspire people to want to buy and share a lot more

This can be automated, it can be set just once and forgotten… and duplicated at will, so rinse and repeat is easy even for newly gotten subscribers without the need to set up another viral campaign for that specific coupon landing page campaign

Funneleo OTO 2 – Funneleo Automailer ($37). Click here to learn more

With this pro-level addon, members will be able to set up autoresponder sequences, activated with various triggers – to engage and encourage visitors to become buyers. This set-and-forget software takes any work out of followups and manually sending messages by letting the automation of Funneleo take over As a bonus we will also include our handwritten collection of 40+ high converting email swipes, so they can customize and activate in moments

Funneleo OTO 3 – Stores  ($47-$67). Click here to learn more

10 DFY Shopify stores in hot niches plus Shopify store setup guide showing them how to do this in any niche they choose.

Funneleo OTO4 – eCom Bundle ($47). Click here to learn more

  • Bundle of 100 high potential selling products each for Amazon, Etsy, and Shopify Amazon FBA guide: complete training sourcing products and setting up your Amazon store
  • Etsy Store setup guide: a complete guide to sourcing products and setting up an Etsy store

Funneleo OTO 5 – Agency ($97.00-$497.00). Click here to learn more

They’re providing options for members to become resellers – with access to their own account creator dashboard. Accounts vary, with some including the ability to create and sell accounts with pro (automailer and viral) addons included.

Funneleo Features

  • Works flawlessly with Amazon, Shopify, and Etsy to let you do what you could never do before: build mailing lists!
  • Capture emails from both prospects and customers easily using coupons and incentives.
  • Skyrockets your sales and boosts your store’s ranking by offering prospects coupons and bonuses!
  • Turns one-time buyers into profitable lifelong customers with automated follow up!
  • Integrates seamlessly with your existing email service provider – no need to switch!
  • Build landing pages fast – just point and click to use our high-converting funnel templates build especially for eCom!
  • Designed to be intuitive and easy-to-use – you’ll have your first funnel up and running in minutes from now!
  • View the built-in analytics to find out at a glance how well your campaigns are performing!
  • Generates unique landing page URLs – you don’t need your own website to use this system!
  • Choose from two types of landing pages. Offer coupons or other bonuses to build your lists and increase sales!
  • See up to ten times more sales with Funneleo’s automated coupon and incentive delivery system!
  • Boost your advertising ROI by following up with your eCommerce leads!
  • Powerful sales funnels to make more revenue on Shopify, Amazon, and Etsy!
  • Grow your eCommerce business and beat your competition by doing what others can’t: capture your leads!
  • Campaign broadcasting lets you send emails any time you want and pick when they’ll go live!
  • So much, that’s never been possible until now.

Funneleo Benefits

  • Fixes major flaw in eCommerce – lets you build lists of prospects and buyers on your store quickly and easily
  • Completely beginner-friendly! This is something literally anyone can do, even if you’ve never earned anything online before (we’ve given them a store import set up – and walk through instructions so they can have a store. Then use Funneleo – to make their store MUCH more profitable

MaxDrive Reloaded OTO Links And FE Features – Dr Amit Pareek

maxdrive oto

MaxDrive Reloaded OTO – MaxDrive Reload has 4 OTO upsells, and each OTO has 2 to 3 options. What I recommend the most is OTO 3, namely agency license. Why? For those of you who want to run an online storage agency business, this is a huge opportunity, because you can make money online without having to take care of your own server, you also don’t need to support because the MaxDrive team will take care of your client support.

Besides OTO 3, OTO 1 is the right choice for those of you who want to use MaxDrive Reload as an online storage medium, because MaxDrive Reload OTO 1 provides unlimited access which means you can upload unlimited files, videos and more to your MaxDrive account without any restrictions. You will also get another beautiful video player. So if you are using MaxDrive for your business purposes, MaxDrive Reloaded OTO is the right choice for you. Here are the details of each upsells

maxdrive oto
MaxDrive Reloaded Front End:

  • Option 1 – MaxDrive Reloaded Start Edition ($47)
  • Option 2 – MaxDrive Reloaded Pro Edition ($49)


  • Store All Your Files – Images, Videos, Audios, Documents, etc.
  • Online Back-up & 30 Days File Recovery
  • Impress Your Customers with Lightning Fast Training
  • Get FREE Hosting (Storage Upto 250 GB & Bandwidth up to 100 GB/Month)
  • Inbuilt Fast & Elegant Video Player Inbuilt Fast & Elegant Video Player to Work on All Devices
  • Precise Analysis for Your Shared Files
  • Preview Files Before Sharing
  • Full-Text Search And Filters To Locate Files Instantly
  • A-Z Step-by-step Video Training
  • Full HDR Video Support
  • Super-Fast Delivery (After All, Time Is Money!). No Waiting Time.
  • Unbreakable File Security with SSL & OTP Enabled Login
  • Speed-Up Your Website with Fast Loading & Optimized Images & Videos
  • Access Files Anytime, Anywhere with Business cloud
  • Single Dashboard to Manage & Share All Business Files – No Need to Buy Multiple apps.
  • Elegant & Fully Branded File Sharing Pages
  • 100% Mobile Responsive & SEO Share Page
  • 100% Newbie friendly
  • 50+ More Cool Features Included

MaxDrive Reloaded OTO 1

Option 1 – MaxDrive Reloaded Elite Monthly Membership ($37/Month)
Option 2 – MaxDrive Reloaded Elite One-Time Deal ($197)


  • Break Free & Go Limitless- Create Unlimited Subdomains/Businesses, Add Unlimited Custom Domains, Capture Unlimited Leads, Share Unlimited Files & Get Unlimited Views & Visitors,
  • Get Unlimited Bandwidth, Create Unlimited Channels, Create Unlimited Folders & Sub Folders
  • Create UNLIMITED Businesses/Subdomains To Keep Each Of Your Own And Your Client’s Business Project Separate Automation
  • Share Or Publish UNLIMITED Files, Get UNLIMITED Views & UNLIMITED Visitors.
  • Capture UNLIMITED Leads To Maximize Lead Generation
  • Get Maximum Visitor Engagement with Like/Dislike Option
  • Get UNLIMITED Bandwidth To Give Best User Experience
  • Advanced Share Page Analytics To Have Clear Insight Of What’s Working & What’s Not To Boost ROI
  • Create UNLIMITED Custom Domains Build Your Authority And Credibility
  • Strengthen Your Relationship with Your Customers using CRM Integrations
  • Create UNLIMITED – Beautiful Channels With Your LOGO to deliver your training, files, and documents effortlessly
  • Create UNLIMITED Folders & Their Sub-Folders & Even Share Them With Your Clients Or Team Members With Folder Management Feature
  • Keep Data Separate & Secured for Your Team Members with Personal Drive for them
  • Maximize Social Traffic with Hassle-Free Social Media Sharing
  • Cutting-Edge Autoresponder Integration to Send Your Subscribers Autoresponder Sequence In Complete Automation
  • Get Your Subscribers Auto-registered for Your Webinars with Webinar Platform Integrations

Downsell MaxDrive Reloaded Lite ($67)


  • Create UNLIMITED Folders & Their Sub-Folders & Even Share Them With Your Clients Or Team Members With Folder Management Feature
  • Create 50 Custom Domains To Build Your Authority And Credibility
  • Get Maximum Visitor Engagement with Like/Dislike Option
  • Advanced Share Page Analytics To Have Clear Insight Of What’s Working & What’s Not To Boost ROI
  • Strengthen Your Relationship with Your Customers using CRM Integrations
  • Capture UNLIMITED Leads To Maximize Lead Generation
  • Keep Data Separate & Secured for Your Team Members with Personal Drive for them
  • Maximize Social Traffic with Hassle-Free Social Media Sharing
  • Cutting-Edge Autoresponder Integration to Send Your Subscribers Autoresponder Sequence In Complete Automation
  • Get Your Subscribers Auto-registered for Your Webinars with Webinar Platform Integrations

MaxDrive Reloaded OTO 2

Option 1 – MaxDrive Reloaded Enterprise Standard ($47)
Option 2 – MaxDrive Reloaded Enterprise Commercial ($97)


  • Use MaxDrive Reloaded To Upload Unlimited Videos- Sales, Training, Prospecting, Informative or Review Videos
  • Get An Attractive Video Player Completely Customizable To Your Exact Specifications To Give It Elegant Look
  • Customize Color And Theme Of Your Player To Give It More Attractive & Your Brand Feel
  • Publish Videos On Your Branded Video Channels – Give More Content To Your Audience And Get Connected With Them
  • Cater Viewers From Various Countries And Demographic Locations With The Same Video Using Subtitles
  • Collect Leads And Sell Products Right Inside The Video And Boost Profits
  • Get Hordes Of Social Traffic For Your Offers By Getting Your Videos Shared On Top Social Media Platforms
  • Know Exactly What’s Working For Your Videos With The POWER Of Deep Analytics To Boost Your PROFITS With Virtually NO Extra Efforts
  • Publish Your Videos Anywhere You Like In 3 Easy Steps – any website, landing page, online shop or membership site using just 1 line of embed code
  • Have Full Control & Give Unique Look To Your Videos With 5 Fully Customizable Video Players
  • Prove Yourself As PRO Entrepreneur- Customize Your Player Further With 8 Attractive and Eye-Catchy Video Frames to Get All Your Visitors Hooked to It
  • Show Your Brand Name Or LOGO On Player And Present Yourself As An AUTHORITY. This Feature Alone Is A HUGE Value For Your Business
  • Unlock our Advanced Advertisement Technology For Better Monetization With Video Ads, Image Ads, Text Ads
  • Get 50+ PROVEN Converting And Ready-To-Use Lead, Promo And Social Ad Templates With Drag & Drop Editor To Make 100s Of Unique Video Ad Templates
  • Capture More Leads & Know Visitor’s Feedback By Letting All Your Visitors Interact On Your VIDEO PAGE Or Channel

MaxDrive Reloaded OTO 3

Option 1 – MaxDrive Reloaded Agency Suite – 200 Clients Licence ($47)
Option 2 – MaxDrive Reloaded Agency – Unlimited Clients Licence ($67)


  • Provide – High In Demand Marketing Files Hosting & Delivery Services To Your Clients With DFY Support For Our Software
  • Present Yourself As An AUTHORITY- Easily Remove Our LOGO From Your Client’s Video Trainings, Images, PDFs
  • Done-For-Your Business Management Panel – Manage All Your Clients From A Single Dashboard To Have Full Control
  • Work Collaboratively & Share Marketing Stuff With Your Team Members & Clients.
  • Fetch & Sync Valuable Data Of Your Own And Your Clients Effortlessly With Google Drive, One Drive & Dropbox Integration
  • Get Access To 100,000+ Royalty Free Stock Images & Videos to Create More Elegant & Engaging Projects For Yourself And For Your Clients.
  • Add Unlimited Team Members – Inhouse & Freelancers
  • Get Accurate Logs For Team Member’s Activities For Effective Monitoring

MaxDrive Reloaded OTO 4

Option 1 – MaxDrive Reloaded Premium Membership Monthly Deal ($27/Month)
Option 2 – MaxDrive Reloaded Premium Membership 1 Year Deal ($197)
Option 3 – MaxDrive Reloaded Premium Membership 5 Year Deal ($497)


  • Make Unlimited Profits – Add Unlimited Businesses
  • DotcomPal Pages – Create UNLIMITED Beautiful, Mobile-Friendly & Fast-Loading Landing Pages
  • DotcomPal Funnels – Build Unlimited Sales Funnels/Customer Journey from Scratch for Any Marketing Goal
  • DotcomPal Videos: Host & Play HD Videos with NO Delays & Buffering
  • DotcomPal Popups & Sticky Bars – Create UNLIMITED Personalized Notification Campaigns with 5 Powerful Engagement Apps in 1 Solution
  • DotcomPal Editor: Fully Customizable, Drag and Drop WYSIWYG Editor that Requires Zero Designing or Tech Skills
  • DotcomPal Templates: 300+ Battle-Tested, Done-For-You Templates to Build High Converting Landing Pages, Funnels & Popups Fast & Easy.
  • DotcomPal MyDrive: Store & Share Business Files Securely with Your Clients & Team Members
  • DotcomPal Audience & Leads: Manage Leads, Monitor Lead Info & Timely Behavior Data to Analyze Your Audience for Better Results
  • Smoothly A/B Test Your Landing Pages, Pop-Ups
  • DotcomPal Integration: Get Connected with Your Favorite Tools
  • DotcomPal Analytics: Quickly Discover the Insights of Your Campaigns with Precise Analytics
  • Custom Domain to Intensify Your Brand Presence
  • Automatic & FREE SSL Encryption for Security
  • Add Unlimited Team Members – Your Ultimate Business Builder
  • Keep Profiting Now, Forever and Always: All Future Upgrades Are Included
  • We’ll Look After You for The Long-Term with Best-in-class Premium Support


This Digital Era is growing at a very fast pace and all Video Viewers, Website Visitors, Customers & Clients want super-fast & easy user-experience. So now you can’t rely on your shared, VPS or dedicated servers to deliver your Videos, Websites, Pages, Images, etc. and the only option is to take help of cloud-storage services. But services like Dropbox, Google-Drive, One-Drive, Amazon Cloud, etc. charge recurring fees from the first day even before you make money out of them. So, if you are blocking the growth of your own business & not using Cloud-Storage due to monthly-charging services then. Dr. Amit Pareek has solved this problem for you with his World-Class Software, “MaxDrive RELOADED” i.e. Backed by World’s BIGGEST Architecture that is already Serving 51 Million+ Files and is Proven to Store, Backup, Share & Deliver All Your Videos, Images, Docs, or Any Other Files At Lightning Fast SPEED

VSL Creator OTO + FE Review – Drag n Drop Sales Video Maker

vsl creator gold pro review

A video sales letter is one of the things that really affect the sales of your business or service on the internet, without a good video sales letter you cannot maximize sales. You have to spend tens to hundreds of dollars for 1 video sales letter with high conversions, otherwise, you might lose business profits many times over.

May I ask, how much money do you have to spend to make 1 VSL? If we check on Fiverr.com you can upload a video creator there, maybe starting from $ 50 for 1 minute of video.

Video sales letters are things you must have when selling online.

VSL Creator is a software that you can use to make video sales letters without having to spend a lot of money. With this software, you can save up to hundreds of dollars. Now anyone can make high converting VSL without having to have previous video creator skills. Scroll down to see the full features of the VSL Creator.

vsl creator gold pro review

VSL Creator Review – The Features

  • Drag and drop feature to create VSL
  • VSL background and theme designer
  • Beautiful kinetic animation
  • Audio and voice recorder feature
  • Easy to edit with timeline editor
  • Built-in Text to speech
  • Single click SyncFX
  • No monthly cost
  • No production cost
  • 1-click slide builder
  • Drag and drop canvas
  • >> Click here to learn more

What are The Benefits?

The benefits of video sales letters are very clear, Video sales letters can increase sales of your business. Without a video sales letter, you might lose a lot of sales.

Explaining your product or business with just text will make people very bored to read it, basically, humans are happier with visuals, display images, and videos. Video sales letters are the best way to promote your business. Plus with stunning animation, you can present your product in a few minutes without getting rejected.

Benefits of VSL Creator and What We Like

  • Save time and money
  • Without having to have certain skills
  • High converting VSL in just a few minutes
  • Stunning animation
  • Very easy to use

What We Don’t Like

Front-end only has a limited theme, but still helps you to make an attractive VSL. If you want to have more templates you must buy OTO 1 platinum commercial

How does it work?

This software is very easy to use, you can select templates, insert text, images, transitions, or objects on the canvas, adjust it in the timeline, enter voice-over, or background music if you want. And export to HD quality.

Below the dashboard of VSL Creator

VSL creator review


After selecting one of the templates, you can enter text, images, and so on.

vsl creator review


For more details, please watch VSL Creator demo below:

Should I Buy It?

If you have a business and want to promote your products on the internet, VSL is a very important thing for you to have, the better your VSL is, the more likely you can get sales on the internet.

You can use this software to save time and money in making video sales letters. With this software, anyone can make high-converting video sales letters without having to have the expertise in making animated videos. This software perfect for:

  • Online business owner
  • Video marketing agency
  • Freelancer
  • eCom store owner
  • Product creator
  • Local business owner

VSL Creator OTO

For more benefits and unlock more features, you can also upgrade your purchase. Below the details

OTO 1 – Platinum Commercial License ($49)

This OTO 1 give you more templates, more transition animation, and more visual animation elements, you will also get more moving characters, and animated effects, callouts, call-to-action, button and also lower thirds

vsl creator oto 1

OTO 2 – Diamond Commercial License ($67)

This OTO 2 will give you more templates, audio voice recorder, more kinetic text animation, kinetic text transition and many more

vsl creator oto 2

OTO 3 – Titanium Commercial License ($47)

This OTO 3 will give you 40 studio-quality done-for-you niche market templates, complete with images, video and PowerPoint video style, 1000 transparent images, 5000 photos, gifs and many more

vsl creator oto 3

OTO 4 – Agency Commercial License ($49.95)

This OTO 4 give you developer, agency, and outsourcer license, you will also get DFY local niche video templates, get scripts, and also video training

vsl creator oto 4


Thank you for reading my review, this is the best Video Sales Letter software. You can produce high quality and animation video sales letter without monthly payment, without any video creator skills. I hope this review helpful for you. Thanks again!

WP Money Machine OTO and FE Review – Plugin by Ankur Shukla

wp money machine ankur shukla review

After you have a website with lots of visits, all you have to do is monetize your website. Website monetization can be done in various ways, there are dozens of ways that you can do, from starting to place banner ads, affiliate link ads, ads from eCommerce, and much more.

The number of options to monetize on a website makes this stage sometimes very complicated, you have to do the integration or setup one by one, install several plugins on your website that can result in slow website loading.

What if you could have 20 ways or options for monetizing your website without having to install several plugins, and without having to have a long process? You can use WP Money Machine by Ankur Shukla, this WordPress plugin will give you 20 monetization options for your website. Of course, you don’t have to use all of them, but you have more choices to monetize your website very easily in 1 dashboard plugin.

wp money machine ankur shukla review

What are the main features of the WP Money Machine?

Below are the main features of the WP Money Machine

  1. Add banner ads in post and categories
  2. Create your own Adsense style
  3. Monetize your website with Amazon Ads
  4. Monetize your website with eBay
  5. Monetize with AliExpress
  6. Monetize with Walmart
  7. Monetize with BestBuy
  8. Monetize with GearBest
  9. Monetize your site with Clickbank affiliate program
  10. Monetize your site with Envato affiliate program
  11. Insert ads link
  12. Create image ads
  13. Floating ads or call to action
  14. Floating with HTML or Buttons
  15. Add hello bar for CTA
  16. Add slider ads
  17. Show popup ads
  18. Floating banner on top or bottom
  19. Product cards to promote eCom
  20. Product cards to promote an affiliate product

What are the benefits of the WP Money Machine?

In my opinion, this is the most complete monetization plugin for WordPress, having a lot of options to monetize a site is great, no need to install several WordPress plugins, this is perfect for any site and any niches


  • A lot of monetization option
  • Easy to use
  • Full support
  • Save a lot of time
  • Save a lot of money


No issue on this plugin, everything is great and ready to use

How does WP Money Machine Works?

I have access to this plugin so this is 100% real user review, you can trust my review

After you install and activate the plugin, you can start using it by clicking the add new

wp money machine kreaclick review


After you click the Add new button, you will see the 20 ways to monetize your site. You just select which one you want to use.

wp money machine review

wp money machine review feature 2

wp money machine review feature 3

wp money machine review feature 4

wp money machine review feature 5

wp money machine review feature 6

As you see above, you will very easily add monetization to your website. All you have to do is click the add new button on each of the monetization features you want to add. This plugin is suitable for all types of websites and also all types of businesses.

WP Money Machine OTO

If you want to unlock more features and get more benefits you must upgrade your purchase. Below are the OTO links. (for reference only, you need to buy the front-end product)

  • WP Money Machine OTO 1 – Pro Version ($47)
  • WP Money Machine OTO 2 – Backlink Pro ($27)
  • WP Money Machine OTO 3 – Developer License ($67)
  • WP Money Machine OTO 4 – Reseller License ($97)


Thank you for reading my review. This is a WordPress plugin for monetizing your website with the most complete features as far as I know. I hope this review helpful. Thanks!


MaxFunnel 2.0 Review – by Dr. Amit Pareek – FE + OTO

maxfunnel 2.0 review

MaxFunnel 2.0 Review – Max Funnel is a complete software funnel builder that has been proven to generate more than 1M sales in 8 months. MaxFunnel also has the advantage of speed in creating sales pages or landing pages, it is very easy to use just by using a drag and drop system and also you can get more than 150 high converting templates

Why use MaxFunnels 2.0?

At least, in my opinion, there are 3 reasons why you should use Max Funnel 2.0 for your business, first is very easy to use, everyone can use Max Funnel 2.0, besides that this software is very fast and lightweight, complete with the latest drag and drop technology.

The second reason is that MaxFunnel has been proven to increase sales, the third is a trusted server infrastructure, which was used by many people before version 2 was launched. So MaxFunnel 2.0 is perfect for those of you who want Funnel Builder that has proven to be good.

maxfunnel 2.0 review

MaxFunnel 2.0 Review

Below are the complete features of Max Funnel 2.0

  • You can create unlimited proven high converting funnels
  • You will get 100 proven converting landing page templates
  • You can customize the templates with drag and drop feature
  • 100% mobile optimized
  • Fast loading websites and funnel pages
  • You can create unlimited page templates
  • You can create a page from scratch or using templates
  • Unlimited and fast-loading landing pages
  • 100% drag and drop funnel designer
  • Pop-up features inside landing pages and funnel pages
  • Deep analytics
  • Webinar integration
  • Unlimited leads and traffic
  • Not required expensive domain and hosting
  • Auto SSL encryption
  • Autoresponder integration
  • Free commercial license

Dr. Amit Pareek uses this tool to launch its own products, and this tool increases sales of its business very high. You can see the screenshot below. This tool has been proven to increase sales and is a trusted funnel builder.

maxfunnel 2.0 review

MaxFunnel 2.0 Review – The Benefits

Very easy to use and has very complete features, you don’t need to create a sales page from scratch, but instead, use high converting templates. From now on you also do not need to hire people to make your sales funnel and sales page, you can create your own and save thousands of dollars. In addition, another benefit is

  • No installation process needed
  • No coding or funnel designer needed
  • No technical stuff

maxfunnel 2.0 review

Max Funnel 2.0 – My Opinion

In my opinion, this is a complete funnel builder, if we compare it to other funnel builders. And only Max Funnel 2.0 you can get without monthly fees, also makes unlimited sales pages.

maxfunnel 2.0 compare feature review


  • Unlimited pages
  • Easy to use
  • Drag and drop
  • Autoresponder and Webinar integration
  • One-time price


  • I found no problems with this product

Who should buy it?

In my opinion, all online businesses need a high converting sales page and funnel builder, and if you are included from the list below:

  • Affiliate marketer
  • eCom store owner
  • Digital product creator

MaxFunnel 2.0 OTO

Max Funnel 2.0 FE is enough for you who want to create a high converting sales page and also a funnel, but to get more complete features and benefits you can buy OTO upsells, here are the details

OTO 1 – Elite version ($37 per month or $197 one time)

  • Unlimited subdomains
  • 100,000+ royalty-free stock images and videos
  • Share proven funnels and templates
  • Save templates
  • A/B testing
  • Advanced analytics
  • inbuilt- video player
  • Fetch files with GDrive, OneDrive, and Dropbox
  • CRM integration
  • Share your business up to 5 team members

OTO 2 – Agency (200 license $47 or Unlimited $97)

  • Agency license
  • Provide marketing service and you can charge monthly to your client
  • You can manage clients in a single dashboard
  • All support twill handle by Dr. Amit Pareek’s team
  • Keep 100% of profits
  • Add up to 200 clients

OTO 3 – Business drive $47

  • Host and manage unlimited files
  • Access files anytime
  • Manage folders
  • Unbreakable file security
  • Single dashboard to manage all files
  • Files preview before sharing
  • 100,000+ royalty-free images and videos
  • Add 10 inhouse freelancing team

OTO 4 – Premium membership 5-year deal $497

  • Unlimited business
  • Dotcompal pages
  • Create unlimited fast-loading landing pages
  • Built unlimited sales funnel
  • Dotcompal video host and video player with no delays and buffering
  • Dotcompal pop-ups and sticky bar
  • Dotcompal editor
  • Drag and drop and WYSIWYG editor
  • Dotcompal analytics
  • Dotcompal drive
  • Auto free SSL
  • Add unlimited team members
  • High-class support
  • 300+ Dotcompal landing page templates


Thank you for reading my review, I hope this review helpful for you. Thanks!

Interactr Evolution Review by Ryan Philips – FE + OTO

Interactr Evolution Review – Interactive video is one of the best ways to increase sales, interactive video is also proven to increase viewer attention, but the traditional interactive video is now beginning to be abandoned because it is not flexible for business. Most interactive videos are only used for learning media which are now being replaced by interactive games.
Lots of research shows that interactive video is far better than text promotion. Not only to promote to communicate, and also teach according to interactive video is far better than by text.
Nowadays interactive videos are highly developed not only for learning media but also for promoting business. And the latest interactive video technology allows users to interact with videos, such as clicking on a video and taking action.
This technology is very useful for business owners who have diverse products, allowing visitors to interact with videos to show videos that are more appropriate for each visitor.
For example, if you sell male and female products, female visitors can click on the video and choose a promotional video for women, so the promotion will be far more appropriate. Interactr Evolution allow you to do that, below are the features of Interactr Evolution.
interactr evolution review

Interactr Evolution Review – Features

Below are the features of Interactr Evolution

  • Video hotspot
    You can add clickable hotspots anywhere in your video
  • Canvas editor
    This feature allows you to see all the interactive video path
  • Video chapters
    You can simply drag and drop videos onto the canvas to enable the chapters
  • Social sharing
    You can share your interactive video using the share link to get higher click-thru-rates
  • Track and analytics
    You can analyze the performance of your video interactive, you will know the total click, conversion, revenue, and many more
  • Real-time response
    You can show the visitors the content or offer they selected
  • Scarcity?
    You can insert countdown timer, and even content locking, so the viewer must take action before proceeding
  • List builder
    You can connect with any of your favorite autoresponders and add directly to your list
  • Simple funnel builder
    All you need to do is drag and drop to top-converting video funnels
  • Complete training
    You will get the complete training of Interactr Evolution, how to use it and how to maximize your video marketing using Interactr Evolution
  • Add custom branding
    You can add logos, images, and custom HTML
  • Media library
    You can upload your own video and images
  • Retargeting Pixel
    You can insert the tracking pixel to maximize your conversions with retargeting ads
  • Fastest video player
    Rebuilt video player gives you high performance of video player

The Benefits

  • You can maximize the engagement in seconds
  • Get done-for-you template
  • Turn any traditional video to interactive video
  • Delivering custom content based on viewer behavior
  • Increase the purchase rate up to 14x
  • Increase conversion up to 83%

How does it work

I’m using my own account to provide the best review for you, so you can trust my review about Interactr Evolution by Ryan Philips.
After login, you can create the campaign by clicking the create new campaign button
interactr evolution review
You can select a template, or you can create a blank project
For example, I click a “lazy man method” template. The next step is you need to insert the project name and description.
interactr evolution review
And you will redirect to the canvas builder, to edit and add interaction double click the video you want to add interaction.
interactr evolution review
You can add elements like button, hotspot, text, email, dynamic text and event HTML code.
interactr evolution review
Click Save and Publish Changes button if you have done
interactr evolution review
And click back and click publishing to get your embed code. And you can paste the embed code to your site.
interactr revolution review
interactr revolution review
The results:

You can also watch the official demo video below

Interactr Evolution OTO Upsells

Interactr Evolution Pro ($97). Click here to learn more

  • Premade video thumbnails
  • Surveys and quiz type
  • Interactive video templates
  • Advanced layer builder

Interactr Evolution Agency License ($297/year). Click here to learn more

  • White-label license
  • Complete consultant kit
  • Website, explainer video, social media post and more
  • Add sub-user
  • Custom branding and logo


Thank you for reading my review. I hope this review helpful. Thanks

Kaptiwa 2.0 Review by Dr. Amit Pareek – FE + OTO Review

Hello guys, looking for information about Kaptiwa 2.0? What is Kaptiwa 2.0 and is it worth buying? Okay, in this article I will review what is Kaptiwa 2.0 and whether this software is suitable for your business. And whether buying Kaptiwa is the right thing or not. Before we discuss the features, I will first explain what is Kaptiwa 2.0
kaptiwa 2.0 review

What is Kaptiwa 2.0?

Kaptiwa 2.0 is a lightning-fast video hosting and marketing software, that you can use to plays high definition videos on any site, shop, and page and on any device. With Kaptiwa 2.0 you can deliver high-quality videos without any delay or buffering, this is lightning fast video hosting and video marketing software, you can also play elegant videos on any website platform.
With Kaptiwa you can create beautiful videos on any page or device, without coding or any technical skills. All you need is copy and paste video, in 3 easy steps. Kaptiwa is a proven solution and already tested by delivering more than 19 million video views without any problem.

What’s new in Kaptiwa 2.0

Before I talk about the new features on Kaptiwa, I want to talk about what Kaptiwa has achieved till now.

  • More than 19 million video views till now
  • Hosted more than 18,957 videos
  • Delivering more than 1 million minutes of videos without any delay or buffering
  • More than 1300 happy successful businessman using Kaptiwa

Kaptiwa 2.0 Review – Features

Below are the features of Kaptiwa 2.0

  • Super fast video hosting
  • Get professional player for HD videos
  • Unlimited video hosting
  • Unlimited marketing platform
  • 1-time price
  • Proven solution
  • Deep analytics
  • Compare stats videos for videos
  • Collect leads directly inside the videos
  • Sell or promote something directly inside the videos
  • 100% control
  • Create unlimited video channels
  • Auto-play videos
  • Easy to use the playlist
  • Video a-b repeat
  • Replay video from the specified duration
  • Full feature
  • Drag and drop editor
  • 100% mobile-friendly
  • Customizable video player
  • Integrated with marketing apps
  • Smooth playback
  • Ad-free videos
  • Advanced advertisement technology
  • Custom domain
  • Stunning templates
  • Get lead generation templates
  • My drive access to store your media securely
  • Hassle-free video management
  • Being able to track leads behavior
  • Comment management
  • Reputation management
  • Grab unlimited leads from videos
  • 100% newbie-friendly
  • Full video training

Who is the creator?

This product creates by Dr. Amit Pareek and launches on JVZoo with Todd Gross, they are top product creators on the JVZoo marketplace, trusted by thousands of members. And they always produce and launch a high-quality product on JVZoo.

How does it work

Kaptiwa 2.0 Pricing

26th Feb’20 – From 10 AM EST – 1 PM EST
Kaptiwa 2.0 Start: $44 – $47 (Dime sell)
Kaptiwa 2.0 Pro: $94 – $97 (Dime sell)
with 11% Discount for 3 Hours EarlyBird – Coupon Code “kaptiwaearly”
After 26th Feb’20 – From 1 PM EST
Kaptiwa 2.0 Start: $47
Kaptiwa 2.0 Pro: $97 (Discount Coupon will be applicable only on this)
Same Price till 2nd March’20, Only Coupons will change:
Wednesday, 26th Feb’20 (from 1 PM) – Coupon Code “kaptiwa10” with 10% Discount with Coupon Expiring in 11 Hours Timer
Thursday 27th Feb’20 – Coupon Code “kaptiwa9” with 9% Discount with Coupon Expiring in 24 Hours Timer
Friday 28th Feb’20 – Coupon Code “kaptiwa8” with 8% Discount with Coupon Expiring in 24 Hours Timer
Saturday 29th Feb’20 – Coupon Code “kaptiwa7” with 7% Discount with Coupon Expiring in 24 Hours Timer
Sunday 1st March’20 – Coupon Code “kaptiwa6” with 6% Discount with Coupon Expiring in 24 Hours Timer
Monday 2nd March’20 – Coupon Code “kaptiwa5” with 5% Discount with Price Increasing in 24 Hours Timer
Monday 2nd March’20 to Wednesday 4th March’20 – Coupon will be “kaptiwa5” with 5% Discount (Encash Price Increasing Scarcity)
Price will increase as:
Tuesday 3rd March’20 at 00:00:01 EST – Price will increase by $0.95 with 24 Hours Timer – (Encash Price increasing Scarcity again as on 4th Price will increase by $1)
Kaptiwa 2.0 Start: $47.95
Kaptiwa 2.0 Pro: $97.95
Wednesday 4th March’20 at 00:00:01 EST – Price will increase by $1 with 24 Hours Timer – Encash 7-Days 1-Time Launch Price Offer Ending Scarcity
Kaptiwa 2.0 Start: $48.95
Kaptiwa 2.0 Pro: $98.95
After Launch, to get traffic settled, Price will increase by $1 with 96 Hours Timer from Thursday 5th March’20 at 00:00:01 EST to 8th March’20 23:59:59 EST –
Kaptiwa 2.0 Start: $49.95
Kaptiwa 2.0 Pro: $99.95
And once the Traffic will be settled in 4 days (on 8th March’20), Price will be increased to…
Kaptiwa 2.0 Start: $197
Kaptiwa 2.0 Pro: $297

Kaptiwa 2.0 OTO

You can also get more features and get more benefits by upgrading your purchase. Below is the pricing
kaptiwa 2.0 review


Thank you for reading my review, I hope this review helpful for you. Thanks!

RebrandMagz Review – by Dr Ope Banwo – FE + OTO

RebrandMagz Review – RebrandMagz is a digital magazine package by Dr. Ope Banwo that you can rebrand with your name and sell as your own digital product, you can sell this at any price or at a monthly price, not only sold as a digital magazine, you can also sell it as a print magazine and you have 100 % rights to rebrand as premium magazines
You can get money from selling this digital magazine, besides that, you can also enter the affiliate link into the magazine and make money online as affiliate theater. Not only that but with RebrandMagz you can also build a profitable list, by offering a freemium offer. And many more benefits that you can get from RebrandMagz.
What’s in rebrand? With this product you only need to rebrand and don’t need to spend money to create a professional magazine, everything is ready for you to sell under the name. In my opinion, this is the fastest way to make money selling digital products.
rebrandmagz review

RebrandMagz Review – Features, Benefits and What Will You Get

Magazine 1: Fearless netpreneurs

  • Monthly access to advanced market updates
  • Tips and Trick
  • More than 40 pages per month
  • Market analysis
  • Top converting products in marketplaces
  • Social media marketing
  • Perfect for netpreneurs, vendors, bloggers, affiliate marketer and etc
  • Game-changing articles
  • You can edit, repackage, rename, rebrand and resell
  • Get PLR license to the articles

Magazine 2: Fearless Dating

  • 20 well-researched relationship articles
  • More than 50 pages
  • Get PLR license to the articles
  • You can edit, repackage, rename, rebrand and resell

Magazine 3: Fearless Health Magazine

  • More than 50 pages
  • Can offer it as your own membership
  • Get PLR license to the articles
  • You can edit, repackage, rename, rebrand and resell

Magazine 4: Fearless Lifestyle

  • PLR articles in text formats
  • Can be downloaded instantly after purchase
  • Get 15 unrestricted PLR articles

Here is a snippet of what will you get each month from RebrandMagz:

  • Latest stats and analysis of digital products and niches
  • Marketing tools that will help you to take your marketing campaign to the next level
  • Special reports about what’s working and what’s not
  • Update and highlights from the social media platform
  • Top articles on different topics
  • And many more

Who is RebrandMagz For?

This product perfect for:

  • Affiliate marketer
  • Entrepreneurs
  • Bloggers
  • Vloggers
  • Product creators
  • Social media marketers
  • eCommerce owner

How can I make money with label magazines?

You can sell advertising, sell the magazine as your own digital product, increase and grow your business brand, insert your affiliate links, sell it as a digital magazine, offering as a freemium offer and building list, and sell as a print magazine.

RebrandMagz OTO

Rebrand Magz OTO 1 – Rebrand Software ($67 one time)
Rebrand Magz OTO 2 – RebrandMagz Concierge ($99 per month)
Rebrand Magz OTO 3 – Magazine Publisher Marketing Masterclass ($147 one time)


Thank you for reading my RebrandMagz Review, this product is perfect for anyone who wants to start selling digital product without spending a lot of time and money to create it. All you need to do is download, rebrand and sell it. You can keep 100% of the profits.