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AgencyScale OTO

You really ought to promote this if you’ve recommended any product that has commercial or agency rights. You can earn up to $454 per sale with AgencyScale, which amplifies your best-selling products. First-to-Market – Lead-Finder The Agency CRM Platform – 30 of the Most Popular Products on the Market – Plug & Play Integration (Including yours).

What is the meaning of the term “AgencyScale”?

Allows users to build their business around the various tools they have purchased in the past, allowing them to scale their business. With this comprehensive solution, you will be able to find and close new leads as well as manage all aspects of your business from projects to invoices to employees to customers. This also includes a blueprint module for integrating and profiting from our marketplace’s top 30 products.

  • Comprises our in-house lead generation software.
  • Everything you need to keep track of leads and customers is included.
  • You can keep track of client projects, invoices, and estimates/proposals.
  • Can add customers and leads can at any time.
  • Your existing commercial and White Label licenses will be compatible.
  • Able to manage all of your business’s clients and employees from one place.
  • This bundle includes blueprints for integrating and profiting from our top 20 products, as well as any other product in the marketplace.

AgencyScale OTO

Customizable dashboard to track and report on the most important aspects of your company.

Using the Leads Feature in your Agency Lead finder app, you can keep track of as many potential buyers as you need. Get a list of companies that are likely to use your products and close those that aren’t. Add your company’s financial data and keep track of every financial detail with the help of the Business Finance Manager.

See all of your projects, statistics, and information in one place for more efficient management of your projects (total projects, hours logged for that projects, overdue projects, the status of each project, and pending milestones). Manager of Products and Services – create products or service packages that can be used in invoices and purchased by customers.. A single location where you can manage all of your clients and leads. Customer Service and Ticketing System Employees and clients can raise tickets to be resolved by ticket agents assigned to them.

It’s possible for employees and customers to raise tickets to be resolved by the assigned agent. PayPal, Stripe, RazorPay, PayStack,, and Mollie can be used to collect and manage payments. Create a financial dashboard with your company’s financial data and monitor it all (Invoices, Estimates, Expenses, Payments, Due Payments, Proposals). Track and easily report on agency performance with these reports.

The Finance Dashboard, where you may enter the financial details of your firm and monitor all areas of its finances (Invoices, Estimates, Expenses, Payments, Due Payments, Proposals). A notice board to inspire and encourage participation in the community.. Includes a Business License. A total of 16 languages are supported ranging from Arabic to German to Spanish to Estonian to Farsi FA to French to Greek to Italian to Dutch to Polish to Portuguese to Portuguese (Brazil).

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Front End

ScaleEffect Personal/business ($37 one-time payment/$47 one-time payment)
Search for Clients
Full-featured Management Console for Your Business
Manager of Business Finances
The ability to create and manage Invoices, Proposals, and Estimates.
Electronic Contracts and Signatures for the Task Manager
Ticket and Client Support Management with a Rich Tracking System for Product and Service Managers
Receive payments via PayPal Gateways provided by Stripe and Razorpay
Support for multiple languages


AgencyScale $97.00 USD per year UNLIMITED
Use of ANY and ALL AgencyScale features without restrictions.
UNLIMITED Lead Finder PRO UNLIMITED Users Client Finder App Team Client Relationship Manager App UNLIMITED UPGRADE Access to All New Features UPGRADE Your Current Communication Tool


$67 Done for You AgencyScale
We will provide the full asset complement for each of the highlighted goods included in the bundle.


Whitelabel version of for $197/297
Rebrand the entire piece of software, create their own customers, and charge whatever they like for it.


AgencyScale Automate is a training course on agency automation that costs $47.

The following is a list of ten different ways in which your customers can make use of AgencyScale:

Make use of our lead finder to discover hungry business leads from ANY region of the world and in ANY field of endeavor. Use the in-built project management features to create multiple projects and manage them all simultaneously. Manage client files in one spot (built-in storage included).

Monitor and report on the performance of the agency in an easy manner (with whitelabel reports). Collect Money and Handle Transactions (Paypal, Stripe, RazorPay, PayStack,, Mollie). Recruit new customers and manage existing ones by monitoring their progress throughout the process.

Use the built-in project management features to create and oversee management of multiple projects. Manage the expectations of the customers through controlling communication between the team and the customers. Obtain access to well-documented and actionable actions regarding the process of developing an agency, acquiring clients, and making money through freelance sites. Construct an organization from the ground up by making use of the appropriate resources and starting point!

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