ASTRO WPTheme By Fachrul Stream Review – DON’T BUY BEFORE YOU READ! : Easily Create Any Stunning Business Websites With Instant WordPress Live Editor

ASTRO WPTheme review – Get ready to discover the latest LIVE Drag n Drop technology that will ensure you to create any business page without hassles! This is going to save your time and also solve your problem.

What is ASTRO WPTheme?

ASTRO WPTheme is a really innovative technology that is created by Fachrul Stream. This tool enables you to easily and quickly create professional landing page, sales page, company page, blog, and many more!
ASTRO WPTheme is created to help you create any stunning business website easily with instant wordpres editor inside it. This technology will ensure you to create any business page without hassles. Moreover, once you get your hands on ASTRO WPTheme you will realize that it is going to save your time and solve your problem.
Well, this is your opportunity, your perfect time to deal with incredible creative PRO business wordpress theme with full features easily to create in minutes. Besides, no matter who you are whether business owner, web consultant, webmaster, affiliates, local consultants, even bloggers, ASTRO WPTheme is designed special for you! And no matter what kind of your business websites, you can run all of your business very well. Company, mobile App, fashion, restaurant, charity, university, wedding, and so many more are covered!

What are the features of ASTRO WPTheme?

Fachrul Stream is here to tell you that there is a Brand New Business WordPress Them which will really help you design pages like you desire. It comes with many powerful features for WP users at any level:
Here are the features of ASTRO WPTheme:

  • Responsive design and mobile-friendly layout
  • Unlimited color schemes
  • Header options
  • Blog and archives
  • Fast loading and SEO optimized
  • Translation and RTL ready
  • Say goodbye to the ugly, boring, and mediocre design
  • And many more important features included


What can you do with ASTRO WPTheme?

Let’s see some proofs that show ASTRO WPTheme has total customization over layout:

  1. Section width & height

Just go beyond the over simplified and also generic page designs by having more control over the various sections. The page sections make up the basic architecture of the page, and also allow you to reach a level of design reserved till now for high budget custom design websites.

  1. Column & content position

Well, you can decide to position the column to the top, center and bottom of a section, or stretch it out to the whole section. Besides, you can also position the content within the column in the same manner. This features gives you the freedom to create a design which is much more customized.

  1. Column Gap

You can change the gaps between columns in order to let your design breathe. By changing the gaps at once, you can try out different column layouts, and decide which one has the best fit.

  1. Padding & Margin setting

Then, you can set the padding and margin for sections, columns and also widgets, using px, EM or %. This feature is unique. Without using % or EM, the heading you set may end up looking huge in mobile. This dynamic size setting allows you to take full advantage of the various scaling possibilities.

  1. Resize Columns

Tinkering with the size of the columns has never been easier. Just grab one of the corners and drag it until the column layout is just right. Then, you can also choose from default settings and easily add more columns to the row. There is also Elementor feature that gives you complete control over the height and width of your columns.

What makes ASTRO WPTheme really worth to get?


It has smart designs and ensures maximum search engine visibility for your WordPress site. The theme include H1, H2, H3, Breadcrumbs and many more SEO feature. In addition, this theme also include SEO extensions. It allows you to have a fully optimized WordPress website by adding optimized meta titles, keywords and descriptions. Furthermore, it doesn’t have any functionality which is reflected visually in the front end. It also offers additional functionality for its sub-extensions, like Tags module.

  • Change Every Text, Element, Color & Section Like a Puzzle

With the power of future, this theme will exactly help you create a website easier than ever. Moreover, you need not to remember any shortcodes. It will make your work much more enjoyable and also save your time.

Do you want to see a LIVE DEMO using ASTRO WPTheme? Let’s see…


This is your golden chance!

ASTRO WPTheme is super duper turbo easy to use.
– There is no more waiting weeks or months to launch your business.
– You will never again dealing with the expensive product.
– This brand new theme will save you time and money.
– Say goodbye to the hard to use WP theme.
– Say goodbye to the ugly, boring, and mediocre design.
– The theme inside this technology is easy to use and 100% newbie friendly.
– Create any websites in any niche you want.
– Limitless design possibilities.
– Just enjoy your life easier than ever before.

What bonuses are you getting with ASTRO WPTheme?

Bonus 01 : Graphix Club


Bonus 02 : Mockup Mars

It enables you to turn ordinary images into eye catching compositions with the power of perspective mockups. Moreover, with all the content in one place, you will find  yourself saving loads of time, and with the interface this easy, you shall see first results with just a few clicks.

Bonus 03 : Access To Astroblu Innercircle

You will get at least 4 Free Gift (Graphics and Internet Business Tools) every month for free.

Get Free Access to Training Center, 1000+ Hours of Exclusive Video Training in WordPress and IM Niche Updated Every Month and it is FREE


Get ASTRO WPTheme Now!

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