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Buyerz OTO

“Let Me Show You How I Make A Consistent $30K-$50K Per Year, Part-Time, With Free ‘Credit Card Confirmed’ Buyer Traffic!” Introducing Buyerz.

There’s a new free buyer traffic training from Michel Sirois today! ‘Credit Card Confirmed’ Buyer Leads can be yours even if you don’t have a list or business at the moment. Yes, I’d like to do that. You’d expect that, wouldn’t you? As a result, you know that free BUYER traffic is pure profit for you. You’re in for a real treat, so start paying attention right now! Moreover, I can vouch for this: This strategy will never be described in such depth anywhere else…

For the past six years, I’ve been utilizing exactly the same way… It’s not difficult to grasp the basic idea… The only persons you include on your “buyers” lists are those with ACTIVE credit cards or PayPal accounts.
Isn’t this the way the Gurus do it? My instruction is all you need to receive ‘Credit Card Confirmed’ Buyer Traffic!

Buyerz OTO

Announcing the launch of BUYERZ…

The term “BUYER TRAFFIC” is used frequently…
However, if you’ve paid attention, it’s never…
In the absence of such guidance, we created ‘BUYERZ,’ an online resource that shows you how to find people with ACTIVE credit cards and PayPal accounts. Finally, thanks to my process, your customers will be able to quickly design and market goods from scratch.
Building REAL BUYERS LISTS and profiting from affiliate promotions will be possible for them.

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Front End

$17 for Front-End Training (50 percent ) DS: 9.95 dollars (100 percent ) In addition, there are six additional freebies.
Less than 30 minutes a day
If you have a PayPal account, you can get a free ‘Credit Card Confirmed’ Traffic from Buyers, No Need to Write Sales Copy from Scratch, No Useless Apps for Traffic
That You Need A System That Allows You To Never Again Pay For Traffic That You Want To Generate Enough Buyer Leads To Live The Laptop Lifestyle Access To World Class Support Ready To Help


Re-Editable Templates are included.
A total of $27.17 (including a bonus: editable emails) Your clients will only require these OTO’s to make more money from their launches if you provide them. On every offer, these four generic OTO’s can be utilized again and again – they’re interchangeable. A Word document is used to store these one-time offers (OTOs). Your clients can personalize these sales pitches by adding their own flavor.


Templates for JV Pages and Recruiting
+ $37.27 each month (Bonus: Re-Editable Emails)
As a convenience for your customers, I prepared a generic JV page in HTML 5 that they can simply fill up with their own data.
Also included are re-editable JV recruiting email templates that may be used for any type of offer.


Here are three examples of how you can make an extra $10,000 per month from the back-end of your products:
My ‘Recurring Profits’ Swipe Set: $47/$37 + (bonus)


$97 + 2 Free Bonuses, It’s possible for your clients and students to take advantage of this promotion and earn 100% commissions throughout our sales funnel.
– To make things even better for your customers and students, my Optimizepress 3.0 will be converted into your own custom ‘Buyerz’ affiliate link, which will be hosted for free on your servers and fully branded with their own logos and images, if they so desire.
– 5 promotional swipes are also included, which can be used wherever you choose!

Today is the day you learn how to receive free buyer leads that are confirmed to have VALID credit cards and PayPal accounts!

If you order ‘BUYERZ’ right now, you’ll also receive the six quick-fire goodies listed below!

  • Re-Writable “Welcome” Email Template for Buyers List – Value: $197
  • Re-Writable Template for Joint Venture Posts (Valued at $ 197)
  • It’s a $297 value for the list of JV groups that will bring in affiliates.
  • Affiliate Approval Guaranteed (Value: $297) BONUS 4
  • 5th BONUS: 6 promotional swipes for promoting ‘Buyerz,’ worth $97 in total
  • For an additional $497, you’ll get unlimited support.
  • A total value of $1,582 is yours for the taking if you purchase ‘Buyers’ right now!

In the book, you will find all you need to become self-sufficient, even the templates! Honestly, it’s the simplest and most effective method I’ve come across so far!

You may get your copy and freebies at here now.

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