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Flagship PLR No Writing Book Writing OTO – If you can’t write, this course will teach you all you need to know to write an excellent book! In this course, you’ll learn how to write a book for Amazon KDP and publish it, including how to use public domain information, outsource your writing, and more!

It’s time to introduce “No Book Writing”

With over 2,300 students and a 4.7 overall customer rating on Udemy, Alex Genadinik’s “No Writing Book Writing” course is an 8-module, 22-video training program he developed. For a short time, it’s available to you for a substantial price with PLR.

Take advantage of this 8 Module, 22 Video Training Course and Sell it as Your Own!! Everything in this course is available for immediate download, so you can use it anyway you want: as part of your own training site, as a standalone training product to sell, as part of a membership service to charge for, or as part of an optin bribe for high-quality leads.

Flagship PLR No Writing Book Writing

NOT AN EXPERT YET? It’s not a concern!

It’s possible to benefit from the expertise of a well-known trainer with a PLR license (optional). You can use Alex’s name and credentials on your own sales page and course pages and state you’ve “partnered” with him. Along with Alex, you’ll gain instant credibility as “the expert”!

The Time Is Now to Get This Complete, Proven Training!
“Writing a Book Is Not Possible”

Flagship PLR No Writing Book Writing OTO, Click Here to Learn More

Front End

Launch price: $15.20 (fixed price). After the launch finishes, the price drops to $38 immediately.


Launch Price: $35 – “Improve Video Production in One Day” (fixed price). If you buy the product now, you’ll get a 50% discount.


Launch Price: $59.50 – “Entrepreneurship Get Your Business Off the Ground” (fixed price). It’s a 50% discount – The price drops to $119 shortly after the launch finishes.


Launch Price: $47 – “Customer Service, Support, and Experience” (fixed price). 50% Off – The cost of the product drops to $94 when the launch period expires.


Launch Price: $25.60 – “Procrastination Reversal” (fixed price). Discount of 50% -Price drops to $64 immediately after the debut.


Launch price: $37 – “Kidpreneur Kickstart” (fixed price). After the launch finishes, the price drops to $74 instantly.

You don’t want to limit yourself to selling just one type of course when it comes to marketing courses. A lot of money is lost when people pigeonhole themselves, such as selling just “how to” and “theory” courses, or narrowing their focus so much that they are unable to expand.

In order to liberate yourself from that, you’ll need this new PLR course with 8 modules and 22 videos.

Your clients can access Amazon KDP through a wide range of techniques and avenues covered in this guide. In addition to typical non-fiction book writing and novels, Amazon offers a wide variety of books. To give you an idea, Amazon’s low content publications, such as journaling and puzzle books and blank recipe books, have seized the market by storm.

Public domain content is another another simple entry point into the market. Additionally, new public domain literature is posted on Amazon KDP at the beginning of the year and is a never-ending supply of content to be resold. Then there’s this amazing PLR training course that covers everything for your consumers. You have the opportunity to expand your product or service offerings based on the specifics of the lessons you teach.

Take advantage of a 60 percent discount while it’s still available during the launch period.

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