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PictureNFTizer OTO – You may use your phone’s camera and any NFT generator app to create actual NFTs on the blockchain. Completely turnkey solution to the number one issue NFT creators face when selling their first collections on OpenSea.

Discover the first-to-market software with patented PNT technology, which allows you to turn photos shot with your phone and pictures made by any NFT generator app into actual NFTs on the blockchain.

This will not only show you a 100% turnkey solution, but I’ll also tell you how to avoid the most common issue NFT producers face when selling their first collection on OpenSea.

Everything is done by PNT Technology. PNT technology takes care of everything; you just need to provide some basic information and click a few buttons to generate NFTs on the blockchain.
In addition, you don’t need any previous knowledge of NFT or technology to perform this.

PictureNFTizer OTO

Top NFTizer App in the World with PNT tech.

Right from the dashboard, you can customize and deploy your NFTs Ethereum contract. Ethereum NFT contact that has been well optimized. NFT minting gas fees are reduced by up to 60%… Free Software Updates are included. Cloud-Based App – No Installation Required. Utilization Has Never Been Easier

Take a look at Motion NFT Maker in action.

1. Enter your collection’s name and description here.
2. Deploy the NFT contract on the Ethereum network by entering the maximum amount of NFTs in the collection and clicking a few buttons.
3. Start selling by pasting the code into your website.

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Front End

Main Product, $27: Picture NFTizerr


Overhauling your collection size from 10,000 to 10,000, as well as 30 collections and the Unsold Burner for $47.


NFT Whitelister, the most potent way to market, $47.


Agency Upgrade: License to sell NFT art collection creation services, 5 team sub-accounts, +250 collections, and an upgrade to 20,000 collections $97


Maker of Motion NFT, 37 dollars


$57 for unlimited animations and film length with Motion NFT creator PRO


$67 for MotionNFTmaker Enterprise, 5 sub users, and unlocks 1080p and 4k rendering

Even while OpenSea is an excellent secondary sales channel with high royalties, the current level of competition means that a new collection has limited chance of finding success there during its original run.
Unless you are well-known, have amassed a sizable fan base, or happen to be the lucky lottery winner, selling out newly made collections on OpenSea is very impossible.

There are millions of dollars in NFT sales per week across all NFTs. The question is, how do you define an NFT in the first place?

Despite what many sales pages for so-called NFT generators claim, the images they generate are not NFTs. You can use these images as NFTs, but they aren’t quite there yet. And no, you are not going to leave them there after uploading them to Open Sea.

If you’ve already tried selling a collection through Open Sea, I’d like to know if you sold any. With the exception of well-known influencers and their followers, no one I spoke with reported any sales as a direct result of simply uploading photos to Open Sea.

Please don’t misunderstand what I’m saying.

Even while Open Sea is an excellent secondary sales channel with the potential to pay out handsome royalties, the current state of the market makes it unlikely that a new collection will find any success there. Having a sold-out collection appears to be a chicken-and-egg situation, as it is nearly impossible to sell out newly made collections on Open Sea unless you are well-known, have a significant following, or are the lucky lottery winner. Open Sea chicken and egg issues are being addressed by this app.

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