PixlyPro – Conversion & Traffic Boosting Software By Cindy Donovan Review & Bonus

PixlyPro review – Finally you are getting a new software for push button viral traffic getting the cheapest, or even FREE traffic from SIX high traffic websites!

PixlyPro – Conversion & Traffic Boosting Software By Cindy Donovan Review & Bonus


PixlyPro – Conversion & Traffic Boosting Software Overview

Vendor : Cindy Donovan, Dan Ashendorf, Sam Kessington
Product : PixlyPro – Conversion & Traffic Boosting Software
Launch Date : August 26, 2018
Skills : All Levels
Recommend : Highly Recommended
Guarantee : 30 Days Money Back
Bonus : YES
Sales Page : https://jvz4.com/c/170365/309107

About PixlyPro – Conversion & Traffic Boosting Software


PixlyPro by Cindy Donovan is the ultimate ‘competitor spying’ software that makes viral marketing campaigns earning juicy affiliate commissions from unlimited free traffic on demand. This is a never before seen plugin that allows you to create & track events, target your audiences, one click simplicity!

Moreover, this software is highly targeted traffic. It also allows you to siphon traffic from affiliate links, competitors websites, or any content you wish. It works in any niche and works on FB, Twitter, Pinterest, Google, LinkedIn, and also Quora all at once. Due to its advance features, PixlyPro – Conversion & Traffic Boosting Software is easy set up so you don’t have to learn about technical coding.

We all know that traffic is expensive, isn’t it? You see Google, FB or Twitter get paid whether you do or not. So of course they are going to encourage you to spend more. Then, you check your ads and keep on paying, paying, paying. It looks like it’s great. But then you check your sales stats, the only stats that really count and NOTHING. This is why you need PixlyPro as the solution!

There is only ONE way to get ‘one up’ on the networks and their exorbitant traffic charges. Moreover, it will work like this:

– Drive a small amount of regular traffic
– Fine tune that traffic using that info
– Market directly to those people you know are interested

How to use PixlyPro – Conversion & Traffic Boosting Software?

You need just four steps to unlimited traffic using this software! Then, get clicks to any URL from HIGHLY targeted leads. Let see how to use it:
STEP 1 : Spy
Firstly, choose any site with a lot of viral traffic competitors sites, popular videos, etc)
STEP 2 : Connect
Secondly, simply connect the traffic sources with PixlyPro by Cindy Donovan. Well, you need to do this once, she will show you how.
Then, choose your call to action and add it over the page. Buttons, clickable images or even optin forms.
STEP 4 : Siphon
Finally, BOOM! All competitor traffic is automatically available to you now. (Clicking your CTA’s) and for retargeting.
So, does it really work? Well, using this traffic technique Cindy and her team were finally able to turn $13.13 of clicks into $488.69

Here is the proof :


And this Facebook Marketer who spent $14 & Made 21 Sales


Or these affiliate marketing stats

Well, one thing you should know is that using this software will not guarantee results like this. In a tests, Cindy’s users were experienced marketers in their fields.

PixlyPro – Conversion & Traffic Boosting Software By Cindy Donovan Review & Bonus

What are you getting inside PixlyPro – Conversion & Traffic Boosting Software?

Using the Old Retargeting Method for traffic has MANY problems such as:

  1. You need pixel code, from Fb, Twitter or wherever you are choosing to place your ads.
  2. You need website, to put that code onto.
  3. Affiliate promos are expensive but weak.
  4. It is hard to get traction, just using one social media platform
  5. No chance to scale. Therefore, you are stuck in a disappointing groundhog day cycle for life

So,what is you could get a HUGE audience without any of those problems? Well, now you can with PixlyPro – Conversion & Traffic Boosting Software! It lets you add your retargeting pixel on the six of the Internet’s TOP sources of traffic at the cheapest price possible. So, you can tap in to penny clicks seamlessly with Facebook, Google, LinkedIn, Twitter,Quora, and Pinterest.

This is where the REAL MAGIC starts! PixlyPro works for:

  • Competitor websites, their posts, videos, or even product pages
  • Affiliate links, or any network, in any niche, for any product
  • Your own web pages, blog spots, social media share, etc.

It is fully hosted and will work on ANY page online. Furthermore, this software also adds a ‘Call to Action’ on any viral content anywhere online. Just simply take any website link you find online. Then, choose what you want to have happen when when people go to that link. Next, make a button, optin form or banner display on any page. And then, share like you normally would with a friend on Facebook, to your email list or on your Youtube channel.

The ultimate ‘traffic siphoning’ software on the market today is here!

  1. Find any viral website, video or store


  2. Add url to the software


  3. Add call to action


  4. Start siphoning your competitors’ traffic from 6 of the largest social media platform


What bonuses are you getting with PixlyPro – Conversion & Traffic Boosting Software?

If you access this software now, you can claim these high value bonuses specifically built to get you even better results.

BONUS #1 : Live Coaching Call


On the Live call, Cindy Donovan with team will show you how to rank any website, blog, store or video – on Google’s page one – within 24 hours or less. This is a ‘Ninja’ method which is yet unknown in the marketplace.


BONUS #2 : Instant Content Generator


This software creates tons of quality articles which will boost traffic to your site. Moreover, they are automatically SEO optimized and will generate heaps of backlinks to any blog, store or video. You can just choose your keyword and press GO.


BONUS #3 : Sales Ninja Pro


This software will ensure that your sales go through the roof by applying scarcity counters to your products.


BONUS #4 : Keyword Generator Pro


Everyone knows that having the best keywords is the best way to get the highest SEO rankings. This software pulls the hottest search terms from Google, Yaho, Bing, YouTube, Amazon, and also eBay.


BONUS #5 : Conversions Genie


Use this software to create multiple pop-ups. Sliding, lightbox or fixed – just chose your pop-up and press publish. This will transform your conversions and also sales.


Now, Let’s See What This Plugin Can Do For You!

PixlyPro  is able to create really targeted FB audiences based on whatever you choose like a visitor:

  • Viewed content and did or didn’t purchase or take action
  • Subscribed to a mailing list, but didn’t download your gift
  • Added item to cart but didn’t buy it
  • Read an article, who should also read a different one
  • ANY combination of events based on your selection of pages

And you know, it is all totally FREE!

You might already see some of Cindy’s other products such as  InstaGeniusViral LoopSQZinCovert CommissionsCommission Bullseye, and many others. She LOVES creating new and exciting tools that will help every marketers make more cash and save money.  Besides, most of her products are not free, as you can hopefully appreciate like creating, develping, maintaining, supporting products really cost money!
Today, Cindy Donovan wants to tell you why she created PixlyPro. Well, she made this one because she was running the software release for  ChromEngage and watched a way to give people who bough the first product, but didn’t buy the first upsell a second chance at getting that offer. This is why this plugin was created.

As a result of using this plugin, you will notice few things such as:

  • The first most obvious thing – it is free.
  • There are no upsells so that nothing you need to buy to make this work.
  • You will see some banner ads inside.

Then, if you buy anything from there, the one who invited you to get the plugin will get paid commissions. And of course, you don’t need to buy anything. Just feel free to use and share this plugin. Cindy has made it to be shared!

Reasons Why PixlyPro – Conversion & Traffic Boosting Software Is Worth To Get

There is 4.18 billion problem in which with over 4 B people online, why aren’t they on your website? It’s true. There are over 1.8 Billion websites online right now, and you want to get discovered and also chosen out of all of them. Is it any wonder sometimes you feel like finding your sites is like finding a needle in a digital haystack when you are little website or startup is comparing and competiting with stat like these:

So, this probably the right time to be kind to yourself. Today you are going to learn a trick from Cindy Donovan which will change the way you look at traffic forever. So, instead of waiting for traffic to come to you, why don’t you take YOUR WEBSITE directly to them?

Cindy Donovan’s PixlyPro is easy to use. All you need to do is just upload, install, and add your FB pixel. Then, it allows you to create FB audiences in a snap! Showing ads to people who visited a page that you choose, but not another is possible now with this plugin. Moreover, you can also use on as many websites as you like, free to use and give away too!

Then, what do you actually get today?

  • Unlimited access to this money saving product!
  • License to give it away, share it, or whatever you like!
  • Support through the creator’s desk if you run into any tech problems,
  • Ongoing updates (available in your WP admin)
  • Faster, easier, and better Facebook advertising INSTANTLY!

And remember that all of those can be done without ever you need to touch a single line of code! So, this is your opportunity. Grab PixlyPro – Conversion & Traffic Boosting Software now before the creator, Cindy Donovan changes her mind and decide to sell it.


Get PixlyPro – Conversion & Traffic Boosting Software Today

PixlyPro – Conversion & Traffic Boosting Software By Cindy Donovan Review & Bonus

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