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Interactr Evolution Review – Interactive video is one of the best ways to increase sales, interactive video is also proven to increase viewer attention, but the traditional interactive video is now beginning to be abandoned because it is not flexible for business. Most interactive videos are only used for learning media which are now being replaced by interactive games.
Lots of research shows that interactive video is far better than text promotion. Not only to promote to communicate, and also teach according to interactive video is far better than by text.
Nowadays interactive videos are highly developed not only for learning media but also for promoting business. And the latest interactive video technology allows users to interact with videos, such as clicking on a video and taking action.
This technology is very useful for business owners who have diverse products, allowing visitors to interact with videos to show videos that are more appropriate for each visitor.
For example, if you sell male and female products, female visitors can click on the video and choose a promotional video for women, so the promotion will be far more appropriate. Interactr Evolution allow you to do that, below are the features of Interactr Evolution.
interactr evolution review

Interactr Evolution Review – Features

Below are the features of Interactr Evolution

  • Video hotspot
    You can add clickable hotspots anywhere in your video
  • Canvas editor
    This feature allows you to see all the interactive video path
  • Video chapters
    You can simply drag and drop videos onto the canvas to enable the chapters
  • Social sharing
    You can share your interactive video using the share link to get higher click-thru-rates
  • Track and analytics
    You can analyze the performance of your video interactive, you will know the total click, conversion, revenue, and many more
  • Real-time response
    You can show the visitors the content or offer they selected
  • Scarcity?
    You can insert countdown timer, and even content locking, so the viewer must take action before proceeding
  • List builder
    You can connect with any of your favorite autoresponders and add directly to your list
  • Simple funnel builder
    All you need to do is drag and drop to top-converting video funnels
  • Complete training
    You will get the complete training of Interactr Evolution, how to use it and how to maximize your video marketing using Interactr Evolution
  • Add custom branding
    You can add logos, images, and custom HTML
  • Media library
    You can upload your own video and images
  • Retargeting Pixel
    You can insert the tracking pixel to maximize your conversions with retargeting ads
  • Fastest video player
    Rebuilt video player gives you high performance of video player

The Benefits

  • You can maximize the engagement in seconds
  • Get done-for-you template
  • Turn any traditional video to interactive video
  • Delivering custom content based on viewer behavior
  • Increase the purchase rate up to 14x
  • Increase conversion up to 83%

How does it work

I’m using my own account to provide the best review for you, so you can trust my review about Interactr Evolution by Ryan Philips.
After login, you can create the campaign by clicking the create new campaign button
interactr evolution review
You can select a template, or you can create a blank project
For example, I click a “lazy man method” template. The next step is you need to insert the project name and description.
interactr evolution review
And you will redirect to the canvas builder, to edit and add interaction double click the video you want to add interaction.
interactr evolution review
You can add elements like button, hotspot, text, email, dynamic text and event HTML code.
interactr evolution review
Click Save and Publish Changes button if you have done
interactr evolution review
And click back and click publishing to get your embed code. And you can paste the embed code to your site.
interactr revolution review
interactr revolution review
The results:

You can also watch the official demo video below

Interactr Evolution OTO Upsells

Interactr Evolution Pro ($97). Click here to learn more

  • Premade video thumbnails
  • Surveys and quiz type
  • Interactive video templates
  • Advanced layer builder

Interactr Evolution Agency License ($297/year). Click here to learn more

  • White-label license
  • Complete consultant kit
  • Website, explainer video, social media post and more
  • Add sub-user
  • Custom branding and logo


Thank you for reading my review. I hope this review helpful. Thanks