VideoCampaignor OTO Link Upgrade

VideoCampaignor OTO Link Upgrade – A recently released app allows users to create interactive “video sales bots.” Your Own Private ARMY Of Virtually Automated Workers That You Can RENT OUT To Companies For $1,000 Per Month And (Legally) Keep ALL Of The Profits To Yourself.

What exactly are these “Video Sales Bots,” though? And HOW exactly will they make money for your customers? Since the outbreak, local businesses have been facing significant challenges, which is something that is already common knowledge.

To begin, they had no choice but to close their traditional retail locations and educate themselves on how to market and sell their goods and services over the internet or go out of business.
In the present day, which is late in the year 2022, they are now waging war against a NEW threat.

Inflation levels are at record highs, and the worst labor shortage has been seen since the end of World War II. “In order to tackle these issues, major companies have begun to implement artificial intelligence and automation…” Making it possible for them to lower their expenditures and their dependence on human laborers.

video compaignor oto upgrade

VideoCampaignor OTO Link Upgrade

OTO Fast Pass Bundle Includes OTO 1, 2, 3, & 4. CLICK TO LEARN MORE

VideoCampaignor Personal $37. Click here to learn more

  • You can create as many as five campaigns for your own company or website (cannot sell to clients)

Commercial $47. CLIK TO LEARN MORE

  • Make as many as fifty different campaigns for yourself or your customers and sell them.
  • 50 Completely Done-For-You Video Sales Bots in Today’s Most Profitable Niche Markets
  • The Training for the $50,000 Roadmap.
  • Client Getting Emails Can Be Copied And Pasted.

The OTO 1 VideoCampaignor Conversions Supercharger will set you back $67. CLICK TO LEARN MORE

Unlock additional campaign kinds such as Sticky Video, Tab Video, Tracking Pixels, and Popup and Popover Videos!


  • Unlock Unlimited Capabilities for Only $197! The customer is granted permission to build an unlimited number of interactive films as well as an unlimited number of video campaigns!

OTO 3 VideoCampaignor Deal Page Hero $47. CLICK TO LEARN MORE

  • Create full-fledged video landing sites that you can use to broadcast special offers and bargains to your audience. These pages will have a variety of payment choices, free hosting, and a great lot more.

OTO 4 VideoCampaignor Page Hijacker $27. CLICK TO LEARN MORE

Display your films on practically any live website on the internet while remaining completely compliant with the law. Great for affiliate marketing.

VideoCampaignor Features

Additionally, Video Campaignor is PACKED with interactive video conversion-driving features that your customers will adore.

  • Supports all video formats; utilize any MP4 video link from YouTube, Vimeo, Wistia, or Additionally, you can upload video from your device.
  • Transform your movies into mini-engagement centers by embedding an unlimited number of interactive components such as Texts, Images, Objects, Cut-outs, and playing Videos.
  • Increase conversion rates fourfold by adding clickable buy buttons and calls-to-action, as well as shoppable products and services, to your videos.
  • Directly accept payments with PayPal and Stripe for your videos.
    Add urgency and deadline signals to your films to motivate viewers to act; pick between evergreen and conventional countdown timers.
    Add interactive gamification and rewards to your videos to increase viewer excitement and engagement.
  • Collect vital marketing information by incorporating interactive quizzes and polls into your films.
  • Add interactive opt-in forms and lead magnets to your movies to generate leads and expand your mailing lists. The built-in automatic sends these leads immediately to specified lists in your autoresponder services.
  • Promote your brand on social media by integrating social sharing functionality into your films.
  • Use gates and content locking to compel visitors to take action; add an interactive button gate, lead gate, CTA gate, quiz gate, share gate, product or service gate, video gate, gamification gate, etc.
  • Choose from picture and text watermarks to apply to your videos to safeguard them.
  • Add HTML code to videos created for any marketing purpose.
    Add interactive maps to your movies to persuade your audience using real-world locales.
  • Add tracking tags and pixels to your advertising platforms such as Facebook to establish an audience.
  • Add interactive, clickable, and skippable video chapters to give viewers complete control over their viewing experience.
  • Branching videos and video funnels, allow viewers to choose their own journey and course. Create branching videos with any YouTube, Vimeo, Wistia, Groove video or MP4 video link, or any video you can upload from your device; link branching videos together with clickable texts, images, buttons, shapes, etc.; add unlimited interactive elements to any branching video in your video funnel; and auto-play branching videos (includes pre-built niche video funnel templates)
  • Define the beginning and end points of your video’s play time to draw the viewer’s attention to a specific segment.
  • Permit viewers to interact with any object in your video; enable viewers to interact with things in your video using Hotspots; clicking on a hotspot will link to the content or action of your choosing. Add infinite hotspots to endless objects and points in your movie, assign the best relevant actions to hotspots, and use customizable overlays to better serve and convert viewers.
  • Animate any element in your video; choose and apply from 50+ animations in 10 animation categories, including attention-seeking animations, back entrance animations, bouncing entrance animations, fading entrance animations, flipping animations, light speed animations, rotating entrance animations, zooming entrance animations, sliding animations, and special animations.
  • Choose from 6 pre-made animated and static play icons, customize colors, 15 pre-made animated and static play skins, add and customize video thumbnails, etc., to tailor your video player features to your business.
  • Edit texts on all interactive features in whatever language you can enter on your device, including your own tongue.
    Data is everything: you get complete access to your campaign performance data and analytics, including analytics for views and clicks, regional analytics, device analytics, viewer source analytics, and more.
  • Enhance your videos using Integrated photo libraries
  • And even more

VideoCampaignor Conclusion

Todd Gross, Magnus Ilechukwu, and Peter Beattie are prepared to bring you an ARMY of ‘Video Sales Bots’ that have been pre-programmed and are ready to be deployed! But just in case you didn’t get the WHOLE announcement, here it is again. Everything you need to know about it is as follows:

The transition to internet sales is still a challenge for the vast majority of locally owned and operated small companies. And that was before the skyrocketing cost of gasoline, the all-time high inflation rate, and the historic lack of available labor. Now, proprietors of small businesses can choose between only two different courses of action:

Adapt or Get left behind

Those individuals WHO ARE NOT WILLING TO TRANSFORM WITH THE TIMES WILL UNFORTUNATELY SUFFER THE CONSEQUENCES OF THIS NEWS. However, this is EXCELLENT NEWS for astute individuals (such as ME and YOU) who place themselves on the right side of this trend by providing these companies with what they have already expressed a need for.

Their very own “Virtual Employee” who works nonstop, twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week, and 365 days a year. promoting and selling their goods and services on their behalf while performing the duties of HUNDREDS of other workers at the same time!

Introducing “Video Campaignor!”

FINALLY! YOU have the potential to be the one who is compensated with THOUSANDS of dollars. By providing “Video Sales Bots” as a service that can be rented to local businesses in ANY market sector, anywhere in the globe.

WITHOUT EVER Having a Direct Conversation with Anyone! This POWERFUL point-and-click software can turn ANY video on the internet into an AMAZING interactive “Video Sales Bot.” From online video hosting platforms such as YouTube, Vimeo, Wistia, and Groove.

AND is pre-loaded with 50 done-for-you templates in some of the HOTTEST niches, which you can deploy in as little as 5 minutes with just a few clicks of your mouse!

  • Developing your very own machine or device
  • Having to perform in front of a camera
  • ​Needing a massive email list
  • Mastering paid ads
  • Building complex funnels OR becoming an expert at closing high-priced deals is your choice!

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