VidScribe Review – IS IT REALLY WORTH TO GET? : Make Local Language Videos On Autopilot And Then Explode Your Traffic And Sales Wordwide

VidScribe review – This is your hit, play, and see how to create 100s of local language versions of any video. You know that your business nees more high-quality traffic. As a result, you need a great training that can help you explode your traffic and sales. So, this is what you are about to discover.



VidScribe is a brand new video marketing software that allows you to get traffic from places that you have never tapped before. This can be a perfect combo of a revolutionary application and a series of YouTube SEO training.

Moreover, this tool will get you global customer by automatically translating the video into any language that you want. It is not just text, but also the audio format. After that, it will automatically creates the subtitles in any language. See… this software drives worldwide audience the way you never access them before.

VidScribe – Make local language videos on autopilot and explode your traffic and also sales worldwide! Here is how this tool helps you:

Subtitle  –> It automatically subtitles any video in the language that you choose.

Redub    –> Then, it will automatically redub (Voice-Over) videos in the language of your choice.

SRT        –> And it gets local language captions (SRT) for your videos for higher rankings.

See the proof of over 5,200 unique visitors to money-pages from non-english keywords.

Translate, Transcibe & Subtitle in 114 Languages

How To BOOM Your Business?

These are 6 ways Local-Languages will do it for your business…

Of course, this is not only a gimmick. VidScribe will let you do these following things:

  • Target unexploited and exclusive traffic which marketing sharks have left one.
  • Get #1 spots on SERPs for keywords with insanely high volumes.
  • Tap a higher % of your local market as well as big global audience.
  • Make every video get you 5x – 10x more viewers.
  • Attract FB viewers even when theyir sound is off.
  • Use local language Closed Captions (SRTs) in order to get more search from YouTube and Google.

Still Not Sure?

VidScribe lets you Transribe, Translate & Redub your videos in local languages!

  • Feed it any YouTube URL or video and VidScribe will automatically download the video to transcribe, translate, and also redub it.
  • Use a constantly improving, highly trained AI to give you the most accurate machine translations around.
  • Get natural sounding speech in multiple languages using the same technology behind Amazon’s Alexa.
  • Get powerful training that shows you how to rank to the top with local languages.
  • Match audio while redubbing (voice-over) in local language using AI tech for best in clalss synchronicity.
  • Get highly accurate videos with best in class transcriptions, translations, and also redubbing all done for you.
  • 100% editable which means you are free to modify anything you want including the transcription, translation, or the redub synchronisation/
  • Upload videos on auto to Instagram & Snapchat.
  • Desktop based app puts everything in your control and also generates your videos without waiting for allocation.
  • Automatically subtitles your video with high-visibility subtitles in multiple colors. Besides, you get an immediate viewership boost in local languages.

Now You Have 2 Options!

Have people find you organically and then you will be able to use your higher margins and profits to drive any competition out of the market.

The SERP Backdoor : Use Language Search + The Power of Videos

You can put language subtitles and redub your videos in other languages.

After all, seeing is believing!

All of those videos were originally made in another language and generated thousands of fresh views by just using subtitles and redubbing.

See what VidScribe users say about this tool below:

And this is the size of the market that VidScribe opens up to you!

Total : Over 2 Billion People

So, try this now! Convert all your videos into multiple local languages, and then upload them to YouTube.

VidScribe : Transcribing, Translation & Redubbing Between Multiple Languages

You are not limited to transcribing, translation, and also redubbing from English to other languages. Of course, you can do this from ANY language to ANY language.

But, How VidScribe Works?

Step #1 : Feed It!

Feed VidScribe AI videos from your YouTube or your PC.

Step #2 : Upload It!

Upload your converted videos.

Step #3 : Reap It!

Just watch the traffic flow in from fresh sources.

Then, Should You Grab VidScribe?

Now you don’t need to be a wizard of anything. It is just point & click easy!

  1. Accepts both videos & YouTube URLs

Select a video from your computer or put in any YouTube URL. This training will automatically download the video to your computer.

  1. Automatic Transcribing

Get a transcript for your video in the original language complete with timecode. Then, you can modify this and change anything you want.

  1. Automatic Translation

Covert the transcript into any available language. Just in a matter of seconds, Then, you will have total control and can change anything.

  1. Overlay Subtitles

After that, turn translated text into subtitles. Modify colors, background to create a high-impact visual.

  1. Redub Audio

Your translation also turns into redubbing and VidScribe will give match the dialog pace to give you the best quality redub technically possible. Of course, on 100% auto.

  1. Upload Onlie

Then, send it to YouTube or Facebook or use the Dropbox integration to republish it on Instagram or Snapchate. Everything is done for you!

What You Learn From VidScribe?

To become a YouTube Marketing Hero, you need to learn everything that you need to know. Here are what you will discover in this training:

Chapter 1 : Introduction

Chapter 2 : Starting out on YouTube

Chapter 3 : Optimizing Your videos to be found

Chapter 4 : Quick Promotion Techniques

Chapter 5 : Improving Engagement

Chapter 6 : Using Advanced Features

Chapter 7 : What is YouTube looking for?

Chapter 8 : Building an audience

Chapter 9 : YouTube Analytics

Chapter 10 : Getting Paid

Chapter 11 : YouTube marketing tools

 This is a Limited Offer! You’ll also get Commercial Rights & use VidScribe for your clients.

How to get sales with VidScribe AI Commercial rights?

  1. Sell Subtitling, redubing and SRT creation as SEO service on from $20-$50 a pop
  2. Talk to your local business owners and change them a monthly fee to help them find local language audience. Charge $200 to $1,000 a month.
  3. Rank vieos with VidScribe for keywords, get some traffic and then sell or rent out the video traffic to business owners for $10 – $50 a month per video.
  4. Create a lot of language videos and sell backlinks/mentions to business owners for $50-$150 a mention.
  5. Make language videos an add-on to your existing SEO services and charge 20-30% extra from your existing clients.

And Here Are The Biggest Reasons Why You Should Grab VidScribe Right Now!

This chance will not come for twice. Get VidScribe right now and also claim your video marketing training that shows you how to drive more traffic & sales from language.

Don’t leave your suscces to chance. Learn from the marketer that specialises in language search and generates tens of thousands of visitors every month!

Get a powerful YouTube Marketing App that gives you local language keyword. This is about getting a ton of videos for every language. And VidScribe is what you are looking for! This app finds you the local language keywords to put in your video.

Besides, you will also get Support Guarantee..

  • 24 x 7 Live Chat Support Guarantee
  • 24 Hours Ticket Response Guarantee
  • Live Assistance Guarantee

TAKE VidScribe Today!

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