WP Simulator Local Edition Review – Product By Matt Garrett & Alex Copeland

WP Simulator Local Review – For testing new plugins and themes for compatibility and setting up new themes correctly before migration, users can use WP Simulator to have a full copy of their WordPress site running locally on their computer or laptop or Mac.

  • Includes a cheat sheet, a local business resource guide, and a sales post for use by the local agency.
  • Use our Local Business Blog Post or Article on your local agency’s website. It’s free.
  • Also included is our UNBRANDED “Local Business Developer Check List,” which you can give away as a lead generation tool – show them how to set up their site and then offer your services in exchange for adding a link to your page!
  • Additional resources for creating additional WordPress and website setup content are provided in this guide.

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WP Simulator Local Benefits

Stop the “White Screen of Death” from occurring in WordPress.

Every once in a while, you will run into an issue that is caused by a plugin. Everything will operate properly up to the point that you install a new plugin. After that, your website will malfunction, and you will either get an unpleasant message or the “white screen of death.” When you’re working on a live site, it’s not very enjoyable to try to figure out which other plugin is causing the issue.

Using WP Simulator, you may generate a local copy of your whole plugin list, reproduce the issue, and pinpoint the source of the problem in a hurry. You may even test new plugins for potential conflicts before using them live, and you can maintain a set of fully functional plugins for each of your websites so that you can rapidly restore a plugin in the event that an update fails.

  • A more astute approach to problem-solving and avoidance.
  • Stay away from updates that can break your theme, plugins, or WordPress itself.

Avoid On-Line Disasters

So let’s assume you just spent some money on an incredible new theme or a fantastic new plugin, and you can’t wait to put it on your website. You upload it to your live site, hope for the best, and then boom! There are issues, and some sections of your website do not function properly.

You need not worry about the integrity of your website in order to use WP Simulator in order to test plugins and themes for their dependability, usability, and compatibility with your website. This manner, you will be aware of everything that will take place when you use the theme or plugin in its production setting.

Repair a Wide Variety of WordPress Flaws.

No More Stress Caused by the Resolution of Negative Issues

You are going to run into a major issue at some point, and that issue will be that your website is down. It’s possible that this was caused by a faulty update, a corrupted database, or even the handiwork of a hacker.

You won’t have any idea where to begin, and it’s probable that you’ll want to tinker around in an attempt to see if you can get things fixed. However, if you meddle for a long enough time, you’ll probably end up breaking more things.

Taking a manual copy of your damaged website and recreating it locally allows you to start again with a fresh copy in the event that you make a mistake while working on the site.

You can re-upload the site to your server after running database repairs and other types of repair tools, and then you can access the site again.

WP Simulator Local Edition OTO Upsells

WP Simulator Local OTO Upsell 1: Agency Client Finder

  • Put an end to aimless and fruitless prospecting, and get to work closing deals by delivering value and authority right from the start.
  • Discover leads that are relevant to your market segment and location preferences.
  • You may qualify those leads by conducting an analysis of the needs that they have, which will show you which prospects you can readily provide valuable services to.
  • Make a report that is specific to the prospect using the results of a battery of free tests to determine what it is that they require assistance with.
  • provides them with that report and enables you to monitor the best time to follow up with them

WP Simulator Local OTO Upsell 2: Power in Online Ratings and Reviews

  • A service that can be delivered in 15 minutes and will continue to earn you money MONTH AFTER MONTH WordPress Plugin; takes minutes to install and set up so that you can start providing results for clients right away.
  • Easily modifiable template emails and one-click replies to customer reviews
  • All testimonials have been entered into a database for future reference and documentation.
  • Lots additional management options

WP Simulator Local OTO Upsell 3: WP Toolkit Developers Edition for an additional 600+ dollars Themes and Plugins of Premium Quality, Complete with Developer Rights

  • Simply said, WP Toolkit is an extensive collection of premium WordPress tools in one convenient location.
  • This collection of hundreds of the world’s top WordPress plugins and themes has been curated by us, and we’ve placed them all into one wonderful bundle. All of these plugins and themes are being provided at a price that is literally “pennies on the dollar,” and they come with developers’ rights.


First impressions are crucial in any situation, but they are particularly significant on a website. If there is something wrong with your website, the visitors you have worked so hard to attract are going to go as quickly as they came despite the fact that you have invested a lot of time, effort, and money into attracting them in the first place.

You simply cannot afford for your website to be inaccessible or damaged, yet unfortunately, the dreaded “white screen of death” frequently appears whenever you upgrade WordPress or experiment with a new theme or plugin.

Each and every minute that your website is inaccessible, you are losing potential consumers and cold, hard cash. Why run the risk of messing things up on your live site when you can test everything on the safety of your own personal computer, laptop, or MAC?

Learn the best-kept secret about WordPress, the platform that professional web developers use to make their websites perfect before they post them online, and get your hands on this information now.

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